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Three Things You Can Do Right Now – Regardless of What You’re Going Through!

What should our response be when faced with our greatest challenges?  What is the single, decisive element in whether we are victorious or whether we are swallowed by our current set of circumstances?  What is the stuff of success when faced with certain failure?  I believe the answer to these questions point to one unalterable conclusion: a positive mental attitude (PMA).

This positive mental attitude is expressed in three distinct modes and can be applied to any situation in which we may find our success compromised by opposition, doubt and certain defeat.  So, when you are passed over for a promotion, when your family and friends give up on you or when you are faced with certain financial disaster – or when your faith is challenged in any way – do these three things: think big, do a first-class job, and talk success.

  1. THINK BIG:  Thinking big is the zenith of thinking positive; it means you are bigger than your circumstances. You must realize that no person ever got small results by thinking BIG.  Walt Disney said: If you can dream it, you can do it!  Think bigger than the person next to you and you will rise above your limitations! Whatever’s got you thinking small now, cast that off and get back to thinking like a winner. Think big right now! 
  2. DO A WORLD-CLASS JOB IN EVERYTHING YOU DO: In everything you do, give your best!  This keeps negative thinking from infiltrating your mind-set and keeps you on a positive track. If your hand is in it and your name is on it, it is marked for greatness! In the most arduous of tasks, the most difficult of assignments –give it your all!  Hear the words of Martin Luther King, Jr.: if a man or woman is called to be a street-sweeper, that man or woman should sweep streets like Michelangelo painted frescoes, like Beethoven composed music, like Shakespeare wrote poetry. Do a world-class job right now!
  3.  What better way to keep the nay-sayers of negative-thinking at bay? Whomever you are with, wherever you are, whenever you open your mouth and whatever you are up against – talk success!  Whenever you are in the company of someone  
    constantly speaking failure into their experience, talk success anyway!   You talk success because you want success
    and you realize that the more you talk success, the greater you attract success
    into your experience! Remember the words of Wayne Dyer, who said: Be miserable or get motivated. It’s always your choiceTalk success right now!

So although you may be faced with a colossal challenge or an uncertain future, remember what you can do right now – you can think big, you can do a world-class job and you can talk success.  Do these three things and you cannot lose!



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