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Do You Say or Slay Your Dreams?

If you begin to change your thinking, your circumstances will change as well!

America's Life Trainer

Are you a Dream Sayer or Slayer? Three Things you Can Do to Move Your Dreams into Reality

In his New York Times best-selling book The Charge, Brendon Burchard writes that people generally live one of three types of life: caged, comfortable and charged. Those who live a caged life are trapped in a tight box of beliefs about what is possible for them. The comfortable are those who have reached a level of success but have now grown stale. The charged person is living his truth and actualizing his or her potential!

I’d venture to say that the ‘charged’ person is a person who understands the power of a dream. Words are powerful.  Watch what you ‘say’.  If you say something and say it with feeling and power, you can literally bring that into existence.  Speak what it is you want and believe you can have it. When…

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