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Holism: The Cure for Boxed-in Living

To be ‘boxed-in’ is to have been conditioned to one stagnant reality. Its synonym is ‘compartmentalization’: compart is to divide. mental is ‘mind’.

Compartmentalization is literally ‘divided minds’, which translates into divided roles, divided expectations and divided outcomes.  In other words, we have a ‘box’ for our role as caregiver, spouse, worker, manager and parent.  At one time these roles coalesced; there was a degree of synergy between them. Now, however, in our fast-paced culture, these roles often clash – leaving us with a ‘boxed-in’ feeling and resulting in frustrated, depressed, stressed-out and fatigued people.

All of our relationship, financial and health issues are born out of this matrix of discontent – this boxed-in reality.

The cure is to live holistically, to create purposeful and cohesive pathways for our body, mind and spiritual expression and authenticity.

The thesis of Life’s A gym is that physical fitness is the gateway to holistic living. Fitness principles can not only help us achieve our best body, but our best life as well!


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