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From America’s Life Trainer: See It!

See It

Identify your ‘lean’ life. You craft your body with a power. You craft your life with the same power.  We now know that the muscles that fire in your brain when performing an event are the same ones that engage when you are imagining it. We focus on what we see. What we see amounts to what we say.

If you change what you’re saying, you will change what you are seeing.”

-Pastor Joel O’Steen

If you do not ‘see’ money in your hands or bank account, don’t say ‘I’m broke!’  Say ‘I am abundant’. Stay a step ahead of what you see. If you focus on things you don’t want, you will only get more of what you don’t want. Reverse that thinking. Focus, for example, on income being replaced, as opposed to lost, and you will attract that.

America’s Life Trainer W. Eric Croomes



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