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From America’s Life Trainer: Resilience

Resilience is the ability to recover quickly. Consider the goat that strayed away from its farm and fell into a pit:

The owner observed the goat’s predicament and decided it wasn’t worth the effort to save it.  So the farmer got a shovel and began to fill the hole with dirt.  The old goat, however, had other ideas.  It was not in the mood to give up so easily.  When the farmer shoveled dirt down into the pit, the goat would shake it off and stomp it under its feet.  With every shovelful, the goat kept shaking it off and stomped the dirt under its feet. After a while, the goat found his freedom by using the dirt to rise to the top.

Somebody gave up on you in much the same way that farmer gave up on that old goat.  But I’m here to tell you it’s too soon to quit, and that if you keep your head up, and keep using the dirt others or circumstances shovel into your life, you, too, will rise to the top!


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