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From America’s Life Trainer: Ask these Four Questions!

Four Motivators to Design Your Life

Many of you get out of bed every day because you sense there is something grander for your life. You are drawn to a greater purpose than your fear and your present circumstances may suggest. You understand intuitively there is no blackboard in the sky and that any obstacle before you can neither define nor limit your authentic power. You are ready to move past your fear and create the window of opportunity that is rightfully yours.

At the core of what most people fear is the economy; we are more tied to our paycheck now than at any time in our history. Why? Many of us have seen our income and our wealth shrink right before our very eyes.

And although the economy is showing signs of improving, many are still feeling the tremors from the Great Recession of 2007-2009, a time in which, according to USA Today:

  • The American economy lost an estimated 14 trillion
  • Small business owners had to delay changes in expansion plans and make changes to worker compensation
  • Individual Americans were forced to postpone their futures, with fewer buying houses and starting families

As a life coach professional, I never ask a client not to fear. Fear is not an object; it’s a pattern that shows up in an object. Instead, I challenge my clients to do two things:

One, acknowledge their fears.

Two, move forward.

To move past your fear you must move toward your dreams. So I want to challenge you to ask yourself these four simple questions:

  • What do I want?
  • Why do I want it?
  • Where will having it lead me?
  • When do I want it?

Answer these four questions and the ‘how’ takes care of itself. It also gives you a base to rush the citadel of fear and claim your brand-new future!


go confidently


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