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From America’s Life Trainer: W. Eric Croomes


W. Eric Croomes, Certified Fitness and Life Coach

America’s Life Trainer!

Are you tired of always being tired? Do you want to de-stress? Do you want to balance your work and home life? Do you want to feel better and look better? It is time to discover your personal power and become a designer of the life you want! It is time you seek the coaching services of America’s life trainer!

W. Eric Croomes is America’s Life Trainer! A certified holistic life coach, fitness trainer and author of three books dealing with relationships, personal achievement and empowerment, Eric is founder of Infinite Strategies LLC, a firm dedicated to coaching for the mind, body and spirit!

The core philosophy of Infinite Strategies is: the challenge before you can neither define nor limit you; it can only release the power within you. We guide our clients to think, move and live beyond present circumstances in relation to health and fitness, relationships and career success. Using holistic pathways, we help our clients to feel better, look better and live better and more productive lives – regardless of present environment!

Through empathetic skill-sets, effective communication and enriching goal-oriented action plans, you will develop new skills, find personal success and manage any crisis you are experiencing. We partner with you as you design the tapestry of your life and find what it is you really want and move toward its fulfillment.

Drawing on more than twenty years of experience in ministry, mentoring and helping those in need, Eric helps you to bridge the gap between what you want and where you are.

Eric is based in Fort Worth, Texas and is founder and director of Their Eyes Were Watching Daddy, a non-profit empowerment and support group for single dads. Life’s a Gym: Seven Training Tips to Get the Best of Both is Eric’s next project and will be released as an E-book in January 2015.

Visit Eric at www.infinitefitnesscoaching.com  and on Facebook at Wayne E. Croomes or follow him on Twitter@LifeTrainerEric


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