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Pre-Order Life’s a Gym!

Hello to all! I am America’s Life Trainer, W. Eric Croomes.  As a certified fitness trainer and life coach, getting in shape for me is a holistic undertaking. I believe that when you train your body your train your life. There is a  strong correlation between the gym and how we go about our daily lives. Since it’s the beginning of a new year, a lot of people have made new year’s resolutions to get in shape. Unfortunately, close to 80% of those people will abandon their plans within 30 days.

The reason? A lack of clear, attainable goals. As a fit pro, I have discovered that the only thing worse than a couch potato is a ‘gym potato’, a person with no plan and who has made numerous yet failed attempts to get fit, who visits the gym with a fair degree of frequency but is rarely productive and who believes working out is a chore.  Gym potatoes undervalue not only what fitness can do for their body, but how their lives can be positively affected as well.

That’s why I am writing an eBook called Life’s a Gym: Seven Fitness Principles to get the Best of Both. Let’s give your life a workout!

I am pleased to make my eBook Life’s a Gym available for preorder! I anticipate the book being published in March of 2015!


When you hire a personal trainer, you get the fundamentals on sculpting your body. Life’s a Gym is your personal trainer manual for body, mind and spirit fitness! This book not only helps you set clear and attainable goals for shaping your best body, but also for getting more out of your life. For your body and your life, Life’s a Gym will give you tips on:

  • How your natural bodyweight can allow you to get in shape anywhere and anytime
  • How to recognize and deal with motivation inhibitors that can zap your progress
  • How to escape the boxed-in feeling and create purpose for a more fulfilling life
  • How your best body can increase your confidence and your paycheck
  • How to get rid of that spare tire around your waist
  • And much more!

I am launching this book because I want to help people understand the relation between fitness and spirituality and move toward their sacred selves. I want to help people work through their plateaus and maximize their opportunities, both in life and in the gym.  If you are ready to take control, step out of the herd, empower yourself and design the outcome in every aspect of your life, Life’s a Gym is for you!

Thank you to anyone who preorders this eBook. As a bonus, preorder Life’s a Gym today and receive my Healthy Blood Pressure Nutrition Guide absolutely free! Please forward this blog post to your friends and family and help me get the word out!

CLICK BELOW TO PREORDER Life’s a Gym for $3.99!! (and save two dollars!)



W. Eric Croomes is founder and executive coach of Infinite Strategies LLC. a coaching firm that designs and implements strategies for fitness training, youth achievement and lifestyle design.  To contact Eric, visit http://www.infinitefitnesscoaching.com or email him at wericcroomes@live.com


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