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From America’s Life Trainer: Five Ways Holistic Fitness Can Improve Your Life

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The most complete life is one in which we live holistic – body, mind and spirit. Each is no less crucial than the other, and the rewards are felt throughout each dimension. Here are five ways living holistically can improve your life.


  1. Being fit will boost your energy.

You will go about your daily chores with more zeal and enthusiasm. You will avoid the dreaded 2pm sugar drop. Your focus will be constant and your concentration enhanced. Every aspect of your life – from the bedroom to the boardroom – will be positively impacted. You will experience unbounded energy!

  1. You will gain confidence.

As your energy level increases, you will take on more challenges. You will begin believing in yourself more as you take on projects that once conquered you. Your spirit of ‘I can do!’ will increase exponentially. You will think more clearly and objectively. You will feel like a conqueror!

  1. You will feel better.

The best part of a workout is the post-workout feeling, as your brain is flooding your body with ‘feel-good’ hormones called endorphins. Not only did you blast fat for the past forty to fifty minutes, but you also depleted built-up stress and negativity. Little things that bothered you will become a relic of the past as you move on to bigger accomplishments. You will feel good!

  1. You will look better.

Working out has been shown to improve (and even eliminate) a host of bodily afflictions – including bloating, bad skin, cellularite and a number of other things. Losing just 5% of your bodyweight can lead to significant changes in your appearance. Your body will heed the command of your mind and become stronger. It will morph flab into fab!

  1. You will increase your income.

Studies prove that the better your fitness level the more money you can potentially earn. You will be compensated more because now you have the body, mind and spirit energy to give more. The majority of people who earn in excess of ninety-thousand dollars per year have some type of fitness routine – whether it’s swimming, cycling, lifting weights or doing yoga. You can literally translate your energy into money. Get fit and give yourself a raise!


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