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Why T.G.I.F. May be a Bad Thing

Research shows that most people value their Friday, with its eagerly-anticipated weekend, over Sunday.  But what if you could replicate the feeling you get on Friday every day?  In fact, what if the feeling of jubilation a Friday brings is masking a more serious concern? The T.G.I.F. complex may be a sign that you are captive to a job or occupation that you no longer feel a sense of devotion to or regard for. Perhaps it’s due to burnout, mental exhaustion or having hit the proverbial ceiling. Whatever the cause, the feeling of liberation which accompanies a Friday can be used to tap into a power that, when channeled, can transform Mondays into a no less euphoric experience. Even on Monday, you can find your Friday! Use the following motivators to turn your Monday into Friday:

  • Breathe – Breathing is a physical movement which yields far-reaching mental results. Research has shown that you can literally change your entire physical make-up with the practice of conscious breathing.  The good thing about this is you don’t have to be isolated to practice conscious breathing.  Think of it as ‘meditation on the move’. Simply breathe in through your nose for four seconds and then release your breath through your mouth over another six seconds.  Do this exercise three to four times throughout your day and you’ll see solid results. Breathe in your peace!
  • Smile – This sounds simple, doesn’t it? We forget to smile mainly because we’ve become stuck in the problem and we forget that the solution is still within us.  When you smile, you ‘rewire’ your brain; in a sense, you say to your challenges ‘I’m bigger than you’!  Besides that, it has been proven that smiling often is a huge factor in reducing blood pressure. So smile and relieve the tension!
  • Compliment – Paying a compliment to others is the ultimate boost for mental posture. Why? Because when you can reach across the aisle and pay a neighbor a compliment – while you are going through one of the roughest periods of your life (or day) – it says that you understand that it’s not all about you.  When you recognize the existence of others with a genuine compliment, you reduce your own anxiety and, in a sense, you give yourself a pat on the back. Pay somebody a compliment!
  • Be Grateful – Try this exercise: take a piece of notebook paper and jot down five things for which you are grateful. After that, write down five things that – even if you are not in possession of them at the moment – you are still grateful for. If you can muster the courage to be grateful, even if things are not going your way, you are bequeathing a spirit of hope and expectancy.  Someone has well-said that ‘Thank you’ makes room for more. Always be grateful.  When you maintain a grateful attitude, you’ll watch in amazement as life opens up and creates more blessings!
  • Get Active – One reason we succumb to feelings of despondency and frustration is because we are ‘de-conditioned’ – physically and mentally.   A de-conditioned body leads to a de-conditioned mind.  Even physically fit people have tough days.  But being physically fit provides you a greater reservoir of mental motivation to overcome the sources of your frustration. This is because when the brain and body have had a consistent level of exercise, your brain is flooded with endorphins – the ‘feel good’ hormone. You instantly begin to feel, look and perform better. You can change your perspective right now by taking a walk on or after your lunch break or by doing some squats or push-ups right at your desk. Get and stay active!Remember, the field of physics has validated what we’ve speculated on for decades: the brain does not make a distinction between what’s being practiced and what is real – it could really care less whether it’s Monday or Friday. Whatever the day, think certain thoughts long enough and your brain begins to condition that reality. So today, find your Friday!



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