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What My Readers Are Saying About Life’s a Gym!

Excellent easy to read Ebook, packed with practical tools that can be used on a daily basis. Your words of wisdom integrates health, fitness, and spirituality in such a way to offer new perspectives on developing better habits to enhance one’s life.  The uncomplicated metaphors were simply splendid and really drove key points home. Thank you for sharing your gift!

-Vickie Y. Perry, PsyD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Texas

Eric Croomes’ “Life’s A Gym: 7 Fitness Principles to Get the Best of Both” was instructive, encouraging and a compelling read. I can personally benefit from this book because it focuses on mind, body and spiritual fitness. The 7 Principles offer motivators, exercises, mental push-ups and a success mantra which can all be applied to everyday life. I came away with a feeling of empowerment after reading “Life’s A Gym.”

Casandra Daniels,  Louisiana

In Life’s A Gym W. Eric Croomes shares the experience of an amazing journey of self discovery through a lifestyle that includes honoring yourself, loving yourself, eating healthier, being present, discipline and self awareness, and this is where the true inner revolution of well-being and authenticity lye.

– ShoShan Yogi, Texas

This is an inspiring book; it emphasizes the connection between fitness and the mind. When we become more fit we are more alert and productive! There is also instruction for various workouts. A good read for anyone wanting to change their body and their LIFE!!

Libby Windsor, Texas

Thank you to all of my readers!

Get your copy at http://www.infinitefitnesscoaching.com/




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