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What the Heck is a Life Trainer?

I am often asked what a ‘life trainer’ is. So here goes: A life trainer is a hybrid fitness and life coaching professional who shows the client how to get the best of body, mind and soul anywhere, anyplace and at anytime. For a life trainer, the world is a gym. Learning to live holistically is paramount. There are three specific values (among others) a life trainer can bring to you. One, a life trainer coaches you on how to create or build your purpose as opposed to ‘finding’ your purpose. Second, a life trainer teaches you how to inaugurate best body and best life habits. Third, a life trainer shows you how to identify and eliminate motivation blockers which prevent you from achieving your best. On the whole, it is the job of a life trainer to show the client how to take a negative and make it a positive. A life trainer’s mantra is ‘Your best body is your best life!

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