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Are You a Gym Potato?

So what’s a gym potato? Glad you asked. A gym potato is the gym equivalent of a couch potato, a person who has found a comfy spot in the gym and consequently is seeing zero results. Now, I know a person has a right to do whatever he or she pleases in the gym. And, while I do give props to the person who has found their way from the couch to the gym, if you are investing  money in a monthly membership, you may as well get the best bang for your buck! So use the following Gym Potato checklist to see where you measure up:

Nine Traits of a Gym Potato:

  1. Doesn’t break a sweat
  2. Moves from station to station with the pace of a snail
  3. Is mostly a gym socialite
  4. Watches other people workout
  5. Heart rate rarely exceeds workload
  6. Performs as many texts as ‘reps’
  7. Makes a ‘couch’ of the treadmill
  8. Goes to the gym often (in some cases every day)
  9. Doesn’t know how to use the equipment and is afraid to ask

Generally, the gym potato is a rehabilitated ‘couch’ potato. Does this describe you?

Life’s a Gym: Seven Fitness Principles to Get the Best of Both, Infinite Strategies Coaching LLC./Sept2015





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