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Fifty Habits to Your Best Body!

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You can build your best body by building better habits! Follow this list:

  1. Eat your dinner on a salad plate. Eat your salad on a dinner plate.
  2. Do pushups every day.
  3. Stop looking for the best and most convenient parking spot. Walk!
  4. Drink water with organic lemon.
  5. Eat raw vegetables.
  6. Shop the perimeter versus the center aisles of grocery stores.
  7. Walk the stairs instead of the elevator.
  8. Eat a head of unseasoned cabbage at least twice a month.
  9. Breathe consciously throughout your day.
  10. Eat fiber-based foods often.

Click here to get the rest of the 50 Best Habits to Your Best Body!: http://www.infinitefitnesscoaching.com/

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