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Shhhh Your Body’s Listening!

Never Talk Bad About Your Body or Your Life

Ever been around a person who habitually downs his or her perceived lack of progress regarding their fitness goals? They sound something like this: ‘I’ll never lose this weight’! ‘I’m fat’! ‘I wish I had his or her body’! This type of negative banter carries over into one’s life, as well. Too often we beat up on ourselves because of our perceived failures. We begin to convince ourselves that we don’t deserve that promotion; we will never find a mate or we will never experience the abundant life. When the mind engages in this negative self-talk, guess who’s the first victim?

“The body hears everything the mind says.”

-Naomi Judd

Understand the importance of the mind-body relationship. Begin to temper your expectations with positive appraisals of your progress. Progress does not always show up in pounds lost or any of the other markers we associate with success in our culture. It’s always good to recognize where you fall short in any of your goals – whether in the gym or in life. But kicking yourself constantly sure will not lead you to seeing progress and results. One thing is certain: mental and physical frustration feed off each other. If we are experiencing mental anxiety, it will show up in the Body Temple.

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