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Be Happy!

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Who is happy right now? Is it possible to always be in a happy mode? Do you know someone who is never unhappy? While it may not be possible to be happy all of the time, it is possible to appreciate the moments when we are authentically happy. We may then discover that those times vastly outweigh the times we find ourselves UNHAPPY.

So if you need MORE authentic happiness,  here are five motivators to boost your personal happiness index:

Motivator#1 Express gratitude

Appreciating what you have now opens new possibilities for the future. Each day you plant your feet on earth should be an occasion to say ‘thank you’.  Be thankful for your failures as well as your successes.

Show me a person without gratitude and I will show you a miserable individual. Be thankful for failures as well as successes.

Motivator#2 Exercise

Do some type of cardio and weight-bearing activity 10 to 20 minutes per day. When you exercise consistently, your body produces ‘feel good’ endorphins which lead to a general feeling of well-being.

Motivator#3 Speak to strangers

Helen Keller wrote ‘Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.’ Your happiness is not always about you. You just may find your way to personal happiness through the testimony of total strangers. How? Because when you hear of another person’s struggles and triumphs, you’ll be amazed at how you are energized.

Motivator#4 Write affirmations

Journaling is a powerful tool in unearthing a sense of authentic happiness. “Creative energy”, writes Colin Wilson, “tends to be self-renewing, and to produce its own chain reaction of health and further effort.” In other words, we give our subconscious desire a voice when we take pen to paper, thereby reducing stress and boosting authentic happiness.  Writing affirmations, or journaling, can be a wonderful experience.

Motivator#5 Excavate your passion

The word ‘excavate’ is to dig up.  I am not advocating digging up skeletons here. Unearthing your passion means finding what it is you love to do and to make that the portal to living happy.  The best way to discover your passion is to walk into it.  Practically speaking, it means trying new foods, going to new places and doing new things. Great things happen when you leave your comfort zone.

Be happy!




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