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Four Attributes of Conquerors


There are four attributes conquerors have that non-conquerors don’t.

Have you ever run across a person who personified an “I can do” spirit? Have you ever met someone who rebounded from disaster and used their misfortune as a springboard to greater success? Every now and then I run into such people. I call them conquerors, which, in its most simple definition is to ‘gain mastery over or win by overcoming obstacles or opposition.’ In studying these personality types – both from history and in contemporary times, I observe distinct perspectives they exude and how we may learn from them as we seek to overcome our own challenges to success. Are you a conqueror?

Conquerors tend to overcome obstacles by exhibiting these (among others) four unique attributes.


Conquerors See the End Before the Beginning

A conqueror has mastered the art of visualization; he or she fastens their eyes on end before anything else. This is because the conqueror does not allow him or herself to become caught up in what’s lacking in the present moment. Most people look at where they are as opposed to where they want to be – and begin at once to make that a reality. Conquerors intuitively understand what Brian Tracy means when writes, Winner make a habit of manufacturing their own positive expectations in advance of the event.



Conquerors Plant Seeds and Leave them Undisturbed

Long ago, the writer William Alexander prayed, Earth teach me regeneration as the seed which rises in the spring. This prayer forms the disposition of the conqueror, one who plants and patiently awaits the harvest.

As such, a conqueror, like a well-seasoned farmer, plants a seed and leaves the ground undisturbed. He or she does not wring their hands in desperation, wondering if the correct move was made the right connection attained. Conquerors await the crops to appear. But, like the farmer, they busy themselves with the pertinent matters in preparation for the harvest. Conquerors plant dreams not wishes.



Conquerors See Themselves as Part of Something Bigger

A conqueror understands that a bigger cause is at work and that they form a crucial part to the orchestration of the whole. Conquerors tend to have formed a relationship with a Higher Power because they know that, absent of such a Power, they are nothing more than a gangling mass of human DNA. The words of Ramana Maharshi ring loudly in the ears of the conqueror: It is the Higher Power which does everything, and the man is only a tool.



Conquerors Spend Time in the Silence

A conqueror is by definition a master. This mastery does not come by any other means than by silence. Conquerors know intimately the words of the poet, Still waters run deep. Conquerors know that they cannot be used as channels of Divine Activity as long as they are busy with their own plans, their own purposes. They seek to quiet their senses, focus their mental activity and seek guidance from within. This art form is only mastered in the silence. As Charles F. Haanel writes, There is power in repose.


Conquerors are those who overcome obstacle and opposition as they master success!

I am W. Eric Croomes. I help people live, move, think and eat for body, mind and spirit wellness!



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