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A Good Time to be King

Today, as the nation and the world pause to celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., something sinister is happening across the globe and in America – symbolized in the person of President Donald J. Trump – that would make even the most ardent King enthusiasts (including this writer) shudder: anti-immigration populism is […]

Five Reasons Why Your Fitness Program Failed and What to Do About It

    1. You didn’t have a plan Most exercise efforts come to naught because most people fail to devise a plan.  You had absolutely no idea of what you wanted to accomplish; you just wanted to be in shape – but no plan to get there!  A plan is the ‘what’ i.e. what do I […]

How Fitness Shapes Your Faith

  Millions of people will flock to gyms across America with one goal in mind: the body of their dreams. Some hope to overcome debilitating injuries or a pesky health issue; others will ultimately hope to shed unwanted pounds. However, there is a penultimate consequence of exercising one’s body that few people understand: that of […]

Three Ways to Achieve Mental Relaxation

  How do you relax and take your mind off things? Most would say a long walk or a good workout. Both of these are great ways to achieve relaxation. But did you know there are other, even more effective ways of achieving mental paradise? In our twenty-four hour news cycle, where we are deluged […]

How to Improve Your Life in 21 Days or Less

  When you look at a beautiful building, you may wonder how it all came together and where it began. Our life is similar: often we wonder how we got to where we are, good or otherwise. But, like the beautiful building, it started somewhere and it came together in many different ways. It’s been […]

A Perspective on Success

What does success mean to you? How does success look? What have you been successful at doing? The truth is success means many things to many people. For one, success could be improving a bad test score; for another, it could mean just making it to graduation day. One thing we know for sure, success […]