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Three Reasons Dreams Die and What to Do About It

Many years ago, the great Harriet Tubman, in an era much different than ours, said, Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Those words are simple, yet very profound. Why? Because so many people have stopped dreaming big dreams. When people stop dreaming, they lose their connection to a vital source of energy. Are you […]

Kick the ‘But’ Out of Your Life!

A new year is coming fast. You may be one of those people are already revving up resolutions. If that’s you, make the decision  to move your life in a positive direction now.  It’s’ important that you kick the ‘but’ out of your life. Don’t be the person who says, “I would have gone back […]

Conquerors Don’t Create Obstacles Before They Exist

    Ever conversed with a person who described their dream and then proceeded to recite a laundry list of everything that could possibly go wrong with the dream? Such a person has lost before the game even begins. While it is one thing to consider possible obstacles, it is quite another to allow those […]

The Top Five Mistakes in Thinking Single-Dads Make and What to Do About It

Every day it seems we hear a litany of stories over the news media about single-dads mired in conflict with the mother of their children. All too often these conflicts end up in assaults and arrests. Such negative outcomes strain the father-child relationship beyond repair and impair our ability to become better men. When we […]

Shhhh Your Body’s Listening!

Never Talk Bad About Your Body or Your Life Ever been around a person who habitually downs his or her perceived lack of progress regarding their fitness goals? They sound something like this: ‘I’ll never lose this weight’! ‘I’m fat’! ‘I wish I had his or her body’! This type of negative banter carries over […]

Nine Steps to an Empowered Life

There are few people who were born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Most of us have come or are coming up the rough side of the mountain.  We have had our share of disappointments, setbacks and letdowns. If your goals have not been achieved and your dreams have been shattered; if you have […]

Are You a Gym Potato?

So what’s a gym potato? Glad you asked. A gym potato is the gym equivalent of a couch potato, a person who has found a comfy spot in the gym and consequently is seeing zero results. Now, I know a person has a right to do whatever he or she pleases in the gym. And, while […]