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Three Reasons Dreams Die and What to Do About It

Many years ago, the great Harriet Tubman, in an era much different than ours, said, Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Those words are simple, yet very profound. Why? Because so many people have stopped dreaming big dreams. When people stop dreaming, they lose their connection to a vital source of energy. Are you […]

Kick the ‘But’ Out of Your Life!

A new year is coming fast. You may be one of those people are already revving up resolutions. If that’s you, make the decision  to move your life in a positive direction now.  It’s’ important that you kick the ‘but’ out of your life. Don’t be the person who says, “I would have gone back […]

The Top Five Mistakes in Thinking Single-Dads Make and What to Do About It

Every day it seems we hear a litany of stories over the news media about single-dads mired in conflict with the mother of their children. All too often these conflicts end up in assaults and arrests. Such negative outcomes strain the father-child relationship beyond repair and impair our ability to become better men. When we […]

Life’s a Gym: Seven Fitness Principles to Get the Best of Both

Excellent easy to read Ebook, packed with practical tools that can be used on a daily basis. Your words of wisdom integrates health, fitness, and spirituality in such a way to offer new perspectives on developing better habits to enhance one’s life.  The uncomplicated metaphors were simply splendid and really drove key points home. Thank […]

Mental Push-up: Awaken to the Beautiful in Life!

From America’s Life Trainer: Every morning someone wakes up, smells the fresh scent of flowers, scans the clear blue sky, listens to the symphony of birds chirping and then proceeds to give voice to everything NEGATIVE. Don’t be that person! And don’t allow those people to infiltrate your spirit. Wake up to the possibilities in […]